/pɪŋkoʊˈsɛnsətɪvɪz(ə)m/ - Neologism that represents the
collective work of art in the age of virtual connectivity

Pinkosensitivism as Neologism

Pinkosensitivism is a new word coined especially for an user affected by the color pink, and is meaningless otherwise. It's a combination of two existing words pink, sensitive and a suffix -ism which in general describes the audience and the goal of the project.

Pink - Pale red color that is named after a flower of the same name. Pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic.

Sensitive - Adjective which derives from Middle French sensitif, and describes having the faculty of sensation, pertaining to the senses. Responsive to stimuli.

-ism - Suffix in many English words, originally derived from the Ancient Greek suffix -ισμός (-ismós). It is often used in philosophy to define specific ideologies, and, as such, at times it is used as a noun when referring to a broad range of ideologies in a general sense.

Explore #pinkosensitivism

Pinkosensitivism is an ongoing Art Project which formed itself spontaneously by the author’s interest in femininity and with further research of the feminine space. The project is conceived as a hashtag (#) on social platforms (mainly on Instagram because it provides a powerful visual experience) where individual authors can tag their own posts with #pinkosensitivism and create an overall experience of dominant pink environment. Instagram profile @pinkosensitivism should not be the sole focus of this project because it serves as a showcase where individuals can submit photos, artworks etc...

Terms of Use

There are no rules on what you can tag with #pinkosensitivism as long as it is pink (in any shades). All daily active users are encouraged to use #pinkosensitivism on individual photographs, and avoid unknown pictures on Internet, or at least if reposted to be credited properly, because ownership rights are important.

Future plans

At the moment, Pinkosensitivism exist only in the realms of digital platforms but in the future, a special format of an exhibition could be possible in which a selection of photographs could be brought to physical space (with the authors’ permission)